The Wolf and the Crane Story For Kids

The Wolf and the Crane

Once upon a time, in a dense and mysterious forest, there lived a cunning and sly wolf. The wolf was known far and wide for his clever tricks and deceptive ways. His reputation made all the other animals in the forest fearful and cautious whenever he was near.

One day, as the wolf roamed through the forest in search of his next meal, he came across a group of animals gathered around a little pond. Curious, the wolf approached them to see what all the commotion was about. To his surprise, he saw a crane that had fallen into the pond and was unable to escape.

Feeling a wicked sense of amusement, the wolf decided to test the kindness of the other animals present. He declared, “Listen, my friends! I have a plan to rescue the crane. But first, you must all pledge your loyalty to me, for only then will I be able to use my cunning abilities to help our poor feathered friend.”

The animals, wary of the wolf’s tricks but genuinely concerned for the crane’s safety, hesitated but eventually agreed to the wolf’s demand. They pledged their loyalty to him, hoping that he would indeed save the crane.

The wolf, smirking with satisfaction, started to gather all the sticks and rocks around the pond. He formed a makeshift bridge, claiming that it would serve as a means for the crane to walk out of the water safely. However, as he placed the last stone, the bridge turned out to be too narrow and unstable for the crane to use.

Seeing the wolf’s deceitful plan unfold, the animals felt cheated and betrayed. They realized that the wolf had no intention of saving the crane and had only used their loyalty to satisfy his own ego and desire for power.

Just as the animals were about to voice their outrage, a gentle voice interrupted the commotion. It was the crane herself, who had managed to balance on a rock near the shore. She said, “Dear friends, I appreciate your concern, but I believe the wolf has taught us a valuable lesson today. Let us not be hasty in our judgments and not be swayed by false promises of power and loyalty.”

The crane then gracefully flew away from the pond, leaving the forest animals to ponder over the wolf’s cunning ways.

From that day forward, the animals in the forest became more cautious about the wolf’s deceptive nature. They learned the importance of genuine compassion and the value of true friendship, which cannot be obtained through manipulation or deceit.

And so, the tale of “The Wolf and the Crane” spread throughout the forest, reminding all its inhabitants to be vigilant against the allure of false promises and to cherish the bonds of honesty and kindness.

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